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Author Topic: 3D Thermal Scanning  (Read 1525 times)


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3D Thermal Scanning
« on: November 17, 2016, 11:24:41 AM »
What is the background?

Using high resolution sensors and cameras, satellites image the Earth and capture highly useful information.  Currently, most (if not all) home based sensors collect ambient temperature only.  What if a Cosmoneer is outfitted with a thermal sensor that can scan vertically, while also taking advantage of the 1DOF capability of the Cosmoneer?

How could this challenge be executed?

A thermal sensor, servo for sensor pitch control and an optional lens to increase the range of the sensor.

What might affect this challenge?

The sensitivity and range of the thermal sensor may affect temperature readings.  Also, the sensor being enclosed in the sphere may affect the sensor as well, unless an offset can be calculated by measuring the internal temperature of the sphere when the Cosmoneer is encapsulated.

A good sensor for this can be found here: