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Author Topic: Precision Maneuvering  (Read 1332 times)


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Precision Maneuvering
« on: November 11, 2016, 12:03:51 PM »
What is the background?
This challenge is based on the idea that maneuvers in space require precision, at the lowest cost to resources as possible.  Docking maneuvers are slow and have zero tolerance for error.  Mistakes during docking can destroy a spacecraft instantly.

How could this challenge be executed?
The on-board serial infrared unit gives up to 3ft of communication distance.  To decrease the size of the acceptable beam width, a slot-type aperture (or two) should be installed between the Cosmoneer and the Base transceiver that would require the Cosmoneer to maintain a tight tolerance heading (i.e. - heading +/- two degrees.)

What might affect this challenge?
String torque will affect this challenge, and should be considered by the pilot when programming their Cosmoneer.  For example, if the Cosmoneer detects drift in a particular direction, then it may need to perform a 360 degree turn to reduce the torque influence of the string.  How quickly this can be performed during a timed challenge such as this will affect how much acquisition time the Cosmoneer is able to achieve.

Motor speed and servo/stepper accuracy will affect this challenge.  A finely tuned Cosmoneer with a calibrated servo center point and an improved motor speed loop that incorporates a speed increase/decrease when precessing the gyro may give the needed "edge" to acquire and maintain target acquisition.

To add to the complexity of this challenge, orbit simulation could be incorporated, which adds an extra dimension of power management.  Manual override of the CMG SuperBurst board could be performed to "disconnect" the main power supply from the CMG just prior to complete failure due to main power voltage droop.
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