Author Topic: Incorporating Injection Molding  (Read 4155 times)


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Incorporating Injection Molding
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:24:02 PM »
Hi all!

Now that we have obtained a small scale injection machine, we wanted to list some of the areas of improvement or areas we wanted to reduce complexity/cost while adding to the integrity of the Cosmoneer.

Targeted Areas of Improvement
  • Front PCB attachment points/methods
  • Receiver Coil & support
  • Rear PCB attachment points
  • Counterweight attachment point

Easy Injection Convertible Parts
  • Support Feet
  • Front Legs
  • Thread Spool
  • Coil Cover

Large Injector needed
  • Upper & Lower Support Arms
  • Main Stand Support Plate
  • Dash/Gyro Support
  • Inner Hanger

Any ideas or suggestions you have on these items?  Leave a post!