Author Topic: The Proto is Evolving!  (Read 4935 times)


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The Proto is Evolving!
« on: August 24, 2017, 12:25:49 PM »
The Cosmoneer Proto is going through an evolution.  The next version is receiving a second CMG for a total of two, making it a scissored pair.  It is also receiving a full 9DoF sensor board, versus the previous 3DoF magnetometer.  The PCB is underwent minor changes to support the 9DoF board with several minor components getting shuffled around.

While the PCB still boasts the plated holes for soldering the front prototype PCBs, this board is receiving a full 3D printed support structure.  This structure is easier to assemble and easier to print.

This upgrade is also receiving a full 1 Amp wireless inductive power coil set. This is more than ample to supply power for the main board, two 5g servos and the two gyro motors.  It is also sufficient to supply additional power for a Bluetooth radio and a 25mW 5.8gHz FPV mini camera.

These upgrades are the first step towards a full 3DoF Evolution Cosmoneer!