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Author Topic: The Mission must go on  (Read 1421 times)


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The Mission must go on
« on: November 11, 2016, 12:54:59 PM »
What is the background?
You suffered several systems failures, one affecting another.  One of your radio transmitters failed, causing a power rush that subsequently damaged the power system, reducing it's output.  Prior to this event, you could simultaneously transmit and receive data on two different radio spectrums.  You are now limited to one spectrum that is highly directional, but completely functional.  The reduced power has affected your ability to run multiple systems at the same time, this forcing you to schedule tasks in a serial manner.

Due to the decreased power, other system functions are degraded, including the ability to accurately measure attitude and acceleration.    Your craft will experience drift, forcing you to over-shoot your headings for communications so that you "drift" across your target while communicating, because your attitude control system is offline during communications.

This challenge centers around the idea that the Cosmoneer is crippled due to a power system malfunction.  This failure has dramatically reduced the Cosmoneer's power output ability and any attempt to run any system simultaneously will fail.  Despite reduced spacecraft functionality, your primary mission must succeed!  Oftentimes there are no second chances in outer space, so you have to put on your thinking cap to pull off an ambitious mission.

How could this challenge be executed?
The mission will be to locate home base, receive instructions, execute those instructions and return the results to home base.  Instructions will be to locate a data relay point, interact with it and provide the results back to home base.

The major power consumer, the CMG system, will dictate what maximum power the Cosmoneer will be provided.  The entire system will be adjusted so the on-board voltage is reduced and the current output capability of the inductive power coils is governed.

What might affect this challenge?
String torque will affect this challenge in a positive manner.  The Cosmoneer must detect drift and compensate for drift by overshooting the target and "drifting" across it to communicate.  Reducing the drift may help this challenge, too

Successfully powering down power consumers will be critical during this challenge.
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