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Open Source

mark-githubOur projects are hosted on Github under Cosmos Pioneering.  We encourage you to contribute!  We’d love to see your code changes, 3D model suggestions and whatever other ideas you have that will benefit the Cosmoneer community.


Space is very challenging, just ask anyone who has spent time developing a spacecraft that was destined for space.  Getting there is half the battle, but remaining functional for months, or even years in the brutal environment of space is risky business.  There is literally no margin for error!  Working together as a team, we can tackle almost anything.


The Cosmoneer was forged from ideas found all over the internet, and our Founder, Andrew Reed, wants to continue the sharing of knowledge and ideas.  He has spent countless hours trying to solve problems with simple, cost effective solutions.

  • The Cosmoneer’s circuitry is designed in KiCad.
  • KiCad components were sometimes found at KiCad libraries dot ORG.
  • Thingverse was frequented to look for possible solutions to mechanical problems.
  • The Cosmoneer’s microcontroller and firmware architecture revolves around Arduino (Atmega 328P.)
  • The Cosmoneer’s PWM system is supported by Adafruit Technologies 16 channel PWM Controller code (excellent tutorials Adafruit!).
  • The HMC5883L Compass calibration code uses Omer’s code found here.
  • The Timer function uses the native Arduino SimpleTimer library.
  • The PID loop is currently coded in the main application loop, but will (after some rewrites) be placed in its own library.
  • The OLED display library is provided with the display, which through it’s own microcontroller, is running a version of Ulib.


After our Kickstarter campaign, we will be cleaning up our own GitHub area and will also be converting some of our code into stand alone libraries.


If you find any issues or errors with this page, please let us know!