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Teachers!  Cosmos Pioneering is diligently working to develop a unique set of tools that bridge the gap between spacecraft and teaching tools.  While we are doing this, please check out other freely available space related resources we have encountered.




SpaceTEC – Educator Resources – A very thorough list of space resources related to education.





Pumkin Inc. Cubesat Kit Forum – Cubesat Discussion Forum, probably the first!


NASA Space Flight Forum – General Spaceflight discussions

Kerbal Space Forum



Cubesat Simulator Kits

We’re happy to provide you with links to our competitors.  Judge for yourself what others offer and compare it to the Cosmoneer.  We thnk you’ll agree that our kit has features not found in any other cubesat kits.  This kits are listed in ascending order of affordability.


LaunchBox Space – Cubesat Kits – .5U & 1U Classroom Cubesat Kit


BlueCubesat – Cubesat Kit – 1U Classroom Cubesat Kit w/Raspberry Pi & sensors


Ardusat – Cubesat Kit – 1U Classroom Cubesat Kit w/Arduino & Sensors


EyasSat – Sat Kit – 1DOF Classroom Satellite Kit



Other related kits




Launch Kits

Personal Satellite Kit – 1U Cubesat Kit


CubesatKit – Cubesat Kit – 1U Cubesat Kit w/TI’s MSP430


PocketQube – Cubesat Kit – Satellite Kit


Other kits



Online Stores



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