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Cosmoneer Proto Hacker Kit (Barebones)

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Most, if not all spacecraft are one-off designs and despite all the effort that goes into them, are highly customized with great attention to detail.  Assembly is tedious and time consuming.

To help guide you through assembly, we’ve published an Instructable and will publish a video in the near future, too.


What’s included:

  • All circuit boards described in the Instructables
    • Cosmoneer Proto PCB
    • OLED display board
    • Magnetometer board
    • 5v wireless inductive power set
    • Superburst board
  • Control Moment Gyro Hardware
    • Brushless ESC board
    • Servo
    • Gyro Motor
  • Misc Hardware
    • Custom cut prototype PCBs
    • All fasteners, shrink wrap, string & hook
    • Acrylic Sphere
  • Misc Electrical
    • 12V 1A A/C adapter
    • Wiring
    • Headers and through-hole components
  • Pre-assembly assistance
    • Threaded holes where needed


What’s NOT included:

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You want to build a Cosmoneer and have a 3D printer but you don’t have the time, tools or parts needed to do so from scratch?  Then the Hacker kit is for you!  We begin assembly with these parts, so be prepared to use your soldering iron to attach wires, set jumpers and various other tools to complete this intense assembly process.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 101.5 × 101.5 × 152.4 mm


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