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Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyro


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We are proud to introduce the worlds first, hobby scale, Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyro!

Our CMG is built from off-the-shelf components and will perform vehicle stabilization and attitude control for any of the following vehicles:

  • Spacecraft
  • Motorcraft
  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft

Physics, it’s the law and we must obey it!

The Cosmoneer CMG obeys the law of conservation of angular momentum.  Due to the momentum in the spinning rotor (red arrow), when you apply rotation at the gimbal (orange arrow) you get an output torque (green arrow.) This output torque is NOT thrust, but is simply rotation transferred from one axis to another.

The Cosmoneer takes advantage of the transfer of momentum and uses it to perform maneuvers in a single axis, just like a real spacecraft.  Fine tune the performance of your craft and order some today!


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